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Traditional garden and parterre

This large Kensington rear garden needed a complete overhaul. At one end was a row of enormous Cupressus leylandii which dominated the space and caste tremendous shade over most of the garden. There was a water ‘grotto’ in one corner and some ‘faux’ concrete balustrading along the edge of a tired rose bed. The house was being totally modernised in a classic style. The rear and front gardens needed to reflect this upgrade.

The Cupressus were removed and in their place was planted a row of Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ with hornbeam hedging in front backed by a tall new trellis to provide additional screening and for support for climbers. This was painted the same pale silvery sage green as the garden house.

The new garden had to fit around a new garden house and Hammam, while at the same time leaving enough room for a large lawn for the couple’s children. So three separate terraces were created using reclaimed York stone all linked by soft planting and edging for enjoyment at different times of the day. The planting was rich and fairly traditional with mainly perennials and grasses in deep violets, purples and pink such as paeonies Nepeta, Salvia nemerosa, pink and white roses and Hollyhocks intermingled with small shrubs such as Philadelphus, rosemary and lavender. Iris and Allium complete the picture in May and June to create a riot of purples, pinks and whites.

As the clients were French, Charlotte Rowe Garden Design proposed that a French style parterre’ should be designed for the front garden and that a traditional tank style water feature be built using a lovely Neptune's head. The parterre was constructed in reclaimed York stone intercut with red brick paving around beds with Buxus hedging and ‘lollypop’ trees surrounded by lavender, perennial geranium, Artemisia and Alchemilla mollis.

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